Monday, April 29, 2013

The Keys of Marinus

The TARDIS materializes on the glassy beach of a small island surrounded by a vast sea of acid. Inside an enormous tower, the only structure on the island, is Arbitan and the giant mind control machine he is sworn to protect. Arbitan puts a force field around the TARDIS and forces the Doctor and his companions to search the planet (that being the planet they are currently on, Marinus) for the four missing keys needed to upgrade his machine. Despite all of his actions, Arbitan is one of the least evil people on the planet compared to everyone else the group encounters on their mission to recover the keys to Arbitan's machine. Each key is located in a different region of Marinus with its own corresponding danger: a city controlled by hypnotic brain creatures, a jungle full of traps and predatory plants, ice caves guarded by robot soldiers, and a vaguely fascist state where Ian is framed for murder. Oh yeah, and there's these aliens in wet suits with big, crazy helmets. Needless to say, the group have a lot on their plates.

Rating: It's a pity you don't have color television%

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Marco Polo

After finding themselves in the Himalayas in the 13th Century, our weary travellers are ever so politely taken captive by Marco Polo. Polo confiscates the TARDIS with intention of giving it to Kublai Khan as a gift. The Mongol Warlord Tegana, Marco Polo's travelling companion, launches a series of schemes in an attempt to steal the Doctor's "flying caravan" for himself. Along the way to see Kublai Khan the group encounter sand storms, sabotage, bandits, creepy caves, thieves and assassins.

Once upon a time (in this case the 1960s and 70s), broadcasters like the BBC used to erase, reuse and/or destroy audio and video materials after their initial use. Because of this, there are currently no known copies of any of the episodes that make up the Marco Polo serial. Most of the production audio still exists along with some stills from the episodes, which have allowed for various recaps and reconstructions of the serial. Though missing episodes are occasionally found and restored, a considerable number of the early serials are still lost.

Rating: __% (Rating Missing)

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sweetgrass APA

A Beer For Every State #15 - Idaho

American pale ales are kind of boring, and I'd say the same thing about Idaho because of Mormons, Boise, etc., but Idaho is actually really beautiful. This beer is not beautiful. But what is beauty! Well I'll tell you it's at least not this array of mild hops that has a distinct aftertaste of dirty copper.