Monday, February 11, 2013

The Edge of Destruction

After departing the Daleks home planet, the Doctor and his companions are knocked unconscious by an explosion. It doesn't get much better after they wake up. A series of unexplained events, blackouts, violent outbursts and mechanical malfunctions follow. Things start to get squirrelly on the TARDIS after the crew begin to turn on each other. With the ticking clock of total annihilation hanging over their heads, the Doctor and his companions must unravel a series of clues to find their way to safety. The Edge of Destruction is essentially a bottle episode put together to fill out the show's original production order. It's not entirely inessential though, the relationship of the main characters sees some development and more details about the TARDIS itself are fleshed out.

Rating: A machine that can think for itself?%

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