Friday, February 29, 2008

Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

You might think this video game is stupid, and I guess it kind of is, but it's also really hilarious, and pretty fun for a 3D platformer. I wouldn't say it's the greatest and most fun game of all time, but I got it used for cheap and there's a ton of secrets to find. So if you've played pretty much every other game you feel like playing then maybe give this one a shot, who am I your mother?



I just finished watching this tv show for the first time (despite seeing the movie in the theaters when it was released) and I have to say it's pretty great. It's no original Star Trek, but it was still a lot of fun to watch. Based on this show and Whedon's comics, I might even be willing to give Buffy a shot. For those of you who don't know, this is basically Han Solo the tv series set in the outer space wild west. Too bad it only lasted 17 episodes or whatever, because there was a lot more they could have done that would have been cool.


Sonic Youth by Sonic Youth

Originally Sonic Youth's first EP, this was rereleased a couple years ago with additional live tracks. I have to admit, it's really strange to hear drums with such high-tuned toms on a SY record, but I think just taking into consideration the original 6 tracks this is pretty good. I might even like it better than Confusion Is Sex, if just for the track I Dreamed I Dream alone. So check it out if you have the time and/or money.


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Spam Email

Well we all hate spam, but remember last year when that dude somehow got caught with all those computers sending out spam and got prosecuted for it? That felt kind of like one of those revenge movies where the hero shoots the guy who killed his wife. Anyway, I don't really ever get spam in my regular inbox anymore, but I keep having to check my junk folder to make sure important things didn't go there, as they often do. Also, who falls for those phishing scams, anyway? Sure, a millionaire in Africa wants to give you a million dollars, granny.


Daredevil: Yellow

Sorry to review all these Jeph Loeb/Tim Sale books. But for the most part they're pretty excellent. This one doesn't hold up to the same sort of scrutiny that their Batman collaborations do, largely because it doesn't really have a overarching storyline like those. Basically it's just 6 tales from the early days of Daredevil, when he wore the lame yellow costume pictured to my left, loosely connected by the theme of Matt Murdock's love for Karen Page, his former secretary, who is dead in present continuity. Oops, spoilers.


Stones' Beast of Burden

I can't quite put my finger on what it is that makes this song so damn catchy, but damn, it's catchy! "I love how it's all bom bom bom all I want for you to mAake love to me..." Oh Mick Jagger, if you weren't a scary old man with giant lips I would totally make love to you. (As long as you didn't actully call it "making love.") Walk for miles, my feet are hurtin...

Rating: 74%

Unravelling Words & The Weaving Of Water by Cecilia Vicuna

No, that's not the book cover, but the book is way out of print so I couldn't find a picture of the cover on the internet and I am also inept with my camera and couldn't take a decent picture of it. Anyway, this book is by Chilean poet Cecilia Vicuna, and it's pretty decent for about 70 pages, which is how long a poetry book should be so I can't fault her for that. But unfortunately the book is 156 pages long and it kind of starts repeating itself (although perhaps with the recurrent theme of weaving and language moving in circles this is intentional?). The questioning of the origins of language are really engaging in the book, and I'm usually kind of resistant to poems that deal solely with the idea of language/object relation. But this is good.


Charles Ives - The Unanswered Question, Holidays, Central Park In The Dark

(I wasn't too sure how to do this review, so I sort of am doing it based on the recording from this Bernstein album, rather than taking each piece on its own. Also this stuff in parentheses doesn't count as sentences). I have never really given Charles Ives a thought. I heard a violin piece he wrote and found it unbearable. But these orchestral works conducted by Bernstein are pretty terrific. They're sort of ambient, kind of like Hindemith or something, but there are a lot of moments of excitement, and the balance between ambiance and pressure creates some excellent emotional crescendos. Definitely check out this dude, particularly the Holidays Symphony.


Shostakovich's Symphony No. 7

For years I've alternated between Shostakovich and Tchaikovsky as my favorite composers, but strangely I've never bought any of Tchaikovsky's symphonies, and while I've enjoyed Shostakovich's symphonies, I've never bought or heard a recording of his most famous one, the 7th. Anyway, it's great of course. It was written early in World War II, commissioned by the Soviet government as a propaganda/motivator piece for the citizens and soldiers. So it's pretty upbeat. I have to say I like his 8th a lot better, but this one is pretty great.


Punk-O-Rama Vol. 5

This is pretty much exactly the same as vol. 4 except I like it better because I don't feel like skipping as many songs.


Be Kind Rewind

The plot of this movie as we all know is that at this VHS rental store all the tapes get erased and Mos Def and Jack Black end up reshooting all the movies for some reason. I guess the thing with this movie is that the parts where they are remaking the movies are funny, but the rest is kind of a flimsy holder for those moments. I would have almost rather seen 90 minutes of these cheesy remakes than the heartfelt plot about being evicted by a realtor. Anyway, it was fine but I can't really recommend it to anybody living.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Columbus, Ohio

While Glenn was in TX blogging his ass off this weekend, I was at a conference for law school democrats in Columbus, Ohio. Judging from what I saw, this just might be the most boring town I have ever visited. Evidence: the morning news all weekend went on and on about some home and garden show like it was the most damned exciting thing ever. I have to assume that when a home and garden show is THE thing to do on the weekend, your town must be pretty freaking boring. Also, all of the local news reporters were fugly (where is Sade Baderinwa when you need her!), and every single store was a chain. Oh and the weather was crappy. Sorry Columbians, but your town stinks!

Rating: 40%

My Parking Job This Morning

It was not too bad, because I managed to get into a pretty narrow spot with just one sweep of the wheel. No correcting myself. However, I ended up pretty close to the truck on the driver's side, and then I had to squeeze out. Hopefully he doesn't have a passenger who slams my car with their door.


Batman: Haunted Knight

Not anywhere near as good as Dark Victory or Long Halloween, but Loeb (old Loeb) and Sale are still pretty great. This trade is three unlinked stories that each happen on or around Halloween. I like the Scarecrow and Mad Hatter stories the best, because you never really see those two get their own storyline. Usually they're just somebody's crazy henchman. Even in Batman Begins.



On one hand, pollen makes me miserable, especially since I moved to Houston. My allergies just started, and they will continue for like two more months. On the other hand without it we would all be dead, so I guess that's a pretty big tilt in its favor.


My Last Review

There were a few problems with my last review. One, I guess it was a little abstract to review a time I had rather than an actual thing. Two, it wasn't even my idea to begin with so don't blame me. Also it was mostly made up because I don't remember if the last time I watched it was in Tallahassee, but that was the last time I had cable so that's probably true. I should also mention this isn't my last review, but a review of my most recent review I just did the end.


The Last Time I Watched The Princess Bride

This is a pretty good movie as everybody knows, but the last time I watched it I think I was sick and just flipping channels in Tallahassee. I had just bought the box set of the old Spider-man cartoons but I got really bored. Anyway, watching this movie on tv sucks because of all the commercials and how they keep dubbing over Wallace Shawn's usage of "motherfucker!" with "inconceivable" or some crap. Also being sick sucks.


Echoes by The Rapture

One of the problems with reviewing this album is that even though there are six or seven AMAZING tracks on it, there are three real stinkers that make it not as great. So if only it was an EP that omitted snooze-fests "Open Up Your Heart," "Love is All," and "Echoes" then it might be one of the best EPs ever at least. Too bad, The Rapture, too bad.


Carolina Ghost Woods by Judy Jordan

Jordan's first book of poetry is a fairly amazing debut firmly set in the tradition of Southern verse. That isn't to say it is invested in linearity for ole time's sake, but the location of the south in a physical sense is paramount to the personal devastation that is explored. But linearity is also subverted, as Jordan raises questions regarding the nature of memory - and perhaps the responsibility of memory to the dead. So check it out if you like the south or if you like poetry why don't you.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth

I know I am behind the comics curve to have just read this this weekend, so sue me. Anyway, I think it's highly overrated. The art is beautiful, of course, and when it was written a billionty years ago (1989) it was totally revolutionary to have a graphic novel be painted like that. However, I feel that Batman is a total wimp in this book. Like for instance, he needs to be saved from one doctor with a scalpel, and also the book is kind of boring, although the subplot with the crazy founder of Arkham is pretty good.



One of the things water has going for it is that it is refreshing and we all need it to live because we are like 80% water or something like that if the old Batman movie is right. There's nothing quite like a cool glass of water when you're thirsty even if you have beer in the fridge. Also swimming is a fun activity to do if it is summertime, which it will be in two weeks here in Houston. On the other hand, some people can drown, even in two inches of water, so that's a real bummer, and flooding can ruin your life and your car. A couple points off for that I guess.


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Telescope by Sandy Florian

This is a really terrific book of prose poems/lyric essays. Sandy Florian dissects meaning and translates definitions of seemingly unrelated words into a really personal exploration. It's set up semi-alphabetically, and reads almost like a dictionary. It's meaning that is paramount to be disassembled here, and the halting language is fantastically engaging.


Diary Of The Dead

Diarrhea of the dead.


Cable & Deadpool

I can't really write reviews of comics as I read them, because most of you don't care and I read a lot of comics. But this series just had its last issue (#50) and I pretty much loved it for its whole run, so I figured I'd write about it. Anyway, Cable is a boring future guy and Deadpool is a mercenary who cracks a million jokes and specializes in breaking the fourth wall. I always thought the Cable parts of this book were boring, but luckily he died at like issue 35 and then Deadpool had the book to himself for the remainder. It turns out that nobody liked to buy it which is a problem in the comics world for some reason and now it's canceled, so too bad.


Punk-O-Rama Vol. 4

The Punk O Rama series of cds is basically like a variety mix put out by some record label I forget so you can hear 25 punk bands. They're pretty garbage punk, which is basically like 50s era rock but extra distorted and a lot more uses of the term "motherfucker" than your average Bill Haley and the Comets record. Anyway, I consider them kind of a guilty pleasure, and they're like $3 each used. So I buy them and then I like to roll down the windows and blast them once in a blue moon or whatever that old expression is.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

West Side Story

This movie is a lot better than I remember it. Natalie Wood's acting and accent are tres ridiculous and pretty racist, but apart from that it's solid. Robert "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" Wise directs a great visual movie, with a lot of terrific symmetrical shots and some songs that are great. I love all the long shots, for example. Also it's tough not to sing along with songs like "I Feel Pretty" especially when I feel so pretty.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Star Trek: Conquest

Well I shoulda known this would be a bad game because a) it is a Star Trek game and there hasn't been a good one in 14 years and b) it is a strategy game which I hate to begin with. The problem is if they put the name Star Trek on a jar of pickled onions I would still buy it, the joke being I hate pickled onions (9%). Anyway, the graphics suck, the story is literally "Everybody hates each other, there is no diplomacy, let's fight!," and the gameplay hideously boring. So don't buy this one except I did forget to mention it's only $15 new, so that was nice, except it shoulda been another sign it was a bad game.


Match Point

I just saw this movie and I guess it was pretty good. It suffered from what I call "3:10 To Yuma" syndrome, in which most of the movie is pretty boring and uneventful but then the last 35 minutes really save it, although I guess this movie came first so maybe it should be the other way around. Anyway, people say it's Hitchcockian or whatever, but it's pretty Allenian in my honest opinion, although I think Crimes and Misdemeanors is a jillian times better.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! by Devo

As many of you know, I am a huge Devo fan. And while I love the synthesizers and general new waviness of later Devo albums, this one is the most flawless despite being the most guitar driven. So basically if you like having your faced rocked away in a novel and exciting way, you might as well give this album a listen because it's probably in my top 25 or whatever.


Christian's Totem

At this disgusting looking shack in Houston you'll find one of the best hamburgers you'll ever eat in your life. Also, it will probably give you a heart attack. But it's delicious, and really does turn the paper on the plate transparent. If you go here, you really have to get past the way it looks on the outside and on the inside just to get the great hamburgers that they offer.


Batman: Dark Victory

This is a really great Batman story, especially when you consider the fact that Jeph Loeb, the writer, is now for some reason one of the worst writers in comics right now. Whoops for him. Anyway, I like to read Batman: Year One, The Long Halloween, and then this to get my Batman early years fix. It's a great murder mystery, and it's got pretty much every Batman villain because that's what every Batman story does these days.


Pulling An All Nighter to Finish a Paper

Pulling an all nighter to finish a paper totally sucks! (Seriously, no sleep AT ALL, not a wink.) Especially when you have to sit through two hours of completely incoherent property law class right after it. Argh. Booo!

Rating: 35%

Bitches Brew by Miles Davis

Everybody who has heard this album thinks it's great, and if they don't then they are really lying. If I had this in high school then I would have never stopped playing the trumpet. Sometimes I feel like I don't want to hear this album, but I put it in because I haven't listened to it in a million years, and then in about three seconds I want to beat up the me who thought he didn't want to hear the album because it is so awesome. Also in Houston the restaurant Chapultapec has this in their jukebox, so if you want to get your money's worth you can just pick one or two tracks from this album because they're all 25 minutes long.


Some Douchebag Who Cut Me Off This Morning

He pretty much sucks. Well, I guess it could be a she because I couldn't tell. Anyway, if you happen to come across this, douchebag who drives a grey truck, by somehow searching for your name (douchebag) and the kind of truck you drive (grey), then you are not a very good driver. Cutting people off is for lame-os.



Life is pretty good for me, but I guess I have to consider that there are a lot of people in war zones who don't have it so good. On the other hand, I can go rent a movie or play a video game or something, which I couldn't do if I was not alive. Mainly I reviewed life for the following percentage joke:


Prince Of Persia: The Two Thrones

The whole PoP game series for the PS2 was pretty great. You can run around on walls and do crazy acrobatics, and also you can slow down and reverse time if need be. This game was also fun like the first two, except then my disc froze up at one particular part and now I can't finish. That's a serious blemish to its review, sorry.


La Lechera Flakes

This is a cereal that is supposed to be flavored like sweetened condensed milk. On the other hand, it is disgusting. It tastes like coconuts or baby puke, and those are two flavors I hate. I bought it because I thought it would be like Frosted Flakes except less sweet. Wrong.


Monday, February 18, 2008

Rock Music (Glenn's review)

Well, I don't know about rock music being the greatest thing ever. For instance, if somebody said "Glenn, you can have rock music or you can have oranges," I would probably say oranges. On the other hand, 2/3 of my cds are probably rock music cds. And if somebody wants to start a rock band that'd be sweet too.


Rock Music

Rock music is downright the greatest thing in the whole world. Not only can it help you look cool and get laid, but I'm convinced it has actual healing powers. At least to the extent that when you feel like shit, rock music will always be there to comfort you. And if you should ever find yourself up drinking coffee at 12:30 am facing an all nighter so you can finish writing an Appellate Brief about why "Intelligent" Design is for morons, I can tell you one thing, rock music will be there for you.

Rating: 100% (Because it is the greatest thing EVER.)


Brooklyn is the greatest. Even our homeless people are awesome.

Evidence: Breakfast Beer Run in Brooklyn Turns Heroic

Rating: 90%

Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey tea is the best tea there is. It tastes delicious and you can get a huge Venti sized cup of it from Starbucks for like $2, which it at least $2 cheaper than anything else at Starbucks (except regular coffee, but theirs tastes like ass). And when you drink Earl Grey you can't help but remember that you and Captain Picard drink the same tea. And that's awesome because everyone knows he's the best Star Trek captain.

Rating: 79%


Poetry is a good sort of concept I guess. It's like stories or thoughts for people who have short attention spans like me. Too bad most poetry is boring. It's all "I'm sad" this or "look at this art that isn't here" that or "words words words" etc. They should have a kind of poetry with more boobs and explosions and that would solve a lot of problems I think.


2007-2008 Ottawa Senators

These guys are not going to luck their way into the Stanley Cup Finals this year hate to break it to you. I mean, they still do well somehow, but they're hit and mostly miss. It's my favorite team and everything I guess, but let's be realistic, ok?


My Cat Ophelia

Overall she's a pretty good cat, despite the fact that she weighs more than twenty pounds and likes to take a dump in places that are not the litter box. Also she's not too big on cuddling, and picks at the carpet until it's pretty much destroyed. But whenever I get the laser pointer out she's pretty hilarious. She also enjoys pizza.


Reese's Peanut Butter and Banana Creme Cup

I got a big Spider-man lunchbox full of candy for Valentine's (my girl knows me well!) so this is why I'm reviewing so much candy. This is in honor of Elvis Presley, who as we all know loved peanut butter, banana, and valium sandwiches. They couldn't do valium in a Reese's cup, so they just settled for peanut butter and banana. Well, this isn't as disgusting as you might think, but it does make my teeth hurt for some reason just eating one. I guess the peanut butter cup is just flawless as is.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Justice Antonin Scalia

Never before has the Supreme Court had a Justice quite as crazy as good ole Scalia (or at least so far as I can tell after 1.5 semesters of law school). He's one of my favorite Justices because of the way he makes me laugh, cry, and want to stab people (mostly conservatives). He doesn't believe in the idea of a Living Constitution, so all of his opinions can be summed up like this: This is the law, and the law don't change. That makes for easy exam prep b/c if you ever forget what one of his dissents said you can just guess that and you will always be right. Also, when the Texas sodomy law was struck down, he argued that the government should be allowed to make laws against not only bigamy, incest, and bestiality, but also masturbation. So watch out for the police if Scalia gets his way, because they are coming for your hairy palms!


For my inaugural post here on Reviews, I've decided to review Glenn. Glenn is a pretty cool guy and a good friend. He'll be there for you if you need a ride to the pet store to buy worms for your ungrateful lizard or if your asshole boyfriend breaks up with you and you need to call someone and hysterically cry in the middle of the night, so I guess you could say he has a good range of supportive abilities (way better than a jock strap, which from what I can tell, only supports one area). He also has frequently has candy at his house or on his person and if you can get him to admit that he has it, he will usually share with you. And finally, I can't decide if this is a good thing or bad, but it goes without saying that Glenn is a giant nerd. I mean, it's nice to have a friend who understands references to Dr. Who and Star Trek, and who I can call if I just want to ask if Spiderman went to college (I actually did that once!), but sometimes I wonder if there is such a thing as too nerdy. And then I listen to Weezer's "In The Garage" and remember that I love nerds, so that's impossible. Therefore, Glenn is tops, two thumbs up, a fresh tomato.

Just realized I'm supposed to give a percentage rating. I guess we'll give Glenn about an 85%. Better than most stuff, but not the really great stuff like kinky sex and beer. Although too much of him rarely leaves me puking into a bucket while my friends enjoy the last few hours of my birthday party so he might actually rate higher than beer.


The major problem with oranges, as I mentioned in my review of mandarins, is that peeling them can be a hassle. But the flavor is great, and although oranges are not frequently used in as many desserts as apples, oranges make better juice and orange flavored candy is usually my favorite. Like jellybeans. Anybody even ever heard of an apple flavored jellybean not counting Jelly Bellys? No, because that would be gross.



In general I do like apples. They're a very versatile kind of fruit, in that they can be used for all sorts of desserts. I used to have braces, so I still in my head feel like I can't take a direct bite out of an apple, but I like cutting them up anyway. I hate apple flavored candy, though, so they lose some points there.



February is a wily kind of month, because it has less days than other months, and also it doesn't always have the same number of days. But it is good because my sister was born in February and she's pretty cool. Although if there was no such thing as February she would have just been born in January or March or however it would have divided up. Also Black History Month is February.



These things are not very much fun at all, especially if you get the migraine variety. I've only ever had one of those, and I thought that I was going to die, but at the same time I thought it was weird the way it affected my vision. In my opinion you should not get headaches if at all possible.


House Of Pies

This is a great sort of bad diner in Houston that I will probably take you to if you come to visit. You can get breakfast whenever, and also pies which are pretty good. Well, if it was called House Of Desks I would expect them to have good desks. One bad thing is the trout. Don't have that.


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Coke Zero

At heart I am a Pepsi person. That is, I like Pepsi more than Coca Cola, I like Diet Pepsi more than Diet Coke, and whenever I'm in a restaurant or movie theater and it turns out they have Pepsi instead of Coke I feel a little happy (though if they have RC Cola it's just weird). Anyway, the one place I diverge from this trend is with Coke Zero, because it is the best cola that exists on earth. Sorry Kroger brand. I drink like 8 of these a day and my head only hurts a tiny bit I think.



This is a fun thing I like to do at least once a day. On the other hand, sometimes I take a nap and then don't get anything done all afternoon like play video games or read comic books. Also, nightmares aren't very much fun. Like I had a dream the other day that Clinton got the Democratic nomination for president, and then hipsters all over the nation started rioting. Ha ha, I'm kidding; it doesn't matter to me if Obama or Clinton get the nomination, I'd just like to see a democratic president if you please.


Reese's Fastbreak

This is also another great candy bar introduced in the last 15 years. It's really dense though. Eating one is practically like eating a steak dinner or something if it tasted like peanut butter, chocolate, and some weird thing called "nougat." I don't know exactly what nougat is to be honest.


The Enter Key

This is a very important button on the keyboard, I won't lie. Maybe if I just wrote prose all the time it would be no big deal, but as a poet, I always have to hit the enter key to make a line break. Also, there are two of them on my keyboard which goes to show I am not the only one who thinks they are good so there readers.


Diet Coke Plus

Diet Coke is ok, but adding vitamins is a stupid idea. Do people actually think this makes soda healthy? The aspartame is still probably going to give you brain cancer, obese lady. Coke Zero is still the best soda there is.


The United States Of America

Of the two countries I've been to this one is pretty good. Movies come out here before any other country, and you can pretty much say what you want. One bad thing is that people are always saying religion this and religion that. But I guess not as much as in some crazier nations. Also, socialized medicine would be nice.


Take 5

This is the best candy bar invented in the last 15 years. One point of contention, though, is that it counts peanuts and peanut butter as two separate elements of the so-called "5." Well, the ingredients of peanut butter are peanuts, so lame. Anyway, the Smores bar they used to have was also pretty good, but I feel like it was less inspired because it was made up to copy some real thing. Like if they suddenly had a pumpkin pie bar - oh wait, that is an awesome idea.


Friday, February 15, 2008


Pretty much one of the best sitcoms as everybody already knows. Sorry not to break any hot news here on this blog. But one thing I never noticed was how if you watch them in order the episodes have arcs that run through them. Well, maybe just recurring jokes. So that's cool if you like that sort of thing which I obviously do.


Nerf Herder by Nerf Herder

I had to say the title that way so that people wouldn't think I was just reviewing the band. Anyway, it's basically a nerd pop punk album (hence the Star Wars reference). My friend Jordan had the tape of this in high school and we used to sing harmony to it. Ahhh, high school. Or should I say "High Fool?"


Raiders Of The Lost Ark

What, are you kidding me? It's motherfucking Raiders.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Houston's Famous Deli

I've lived in my apartment for two and a half years and I never checked out this place even though it is right next door. It turns out it ain't half bad. It's only a little more than half good, however. I guess it's a bit pricey for the quality, but the distance factor makes up for it. If you live in my apartment complex, I highly recommend it.


Trees Outside The Academy by Thurston Moore

This album is pretty unexpected. A largely acoustic affair by one of the fronts of Sonic Youth, an established noise rock band? It's also good, though it kind of falls apart about six songs in. Not as good as Psychic Hearts, Moore's first album.



I feel like a lot of the sub-orange type of fruit get a bad rap, but I really like mandarins, especially cuties. For instance, they're super easy to peel, which solves my main problem with oranges. I just wish they were a bit more sour. Can't we cross breed some kind of mini grapefruit by now? We put cameras on Mars for God's sake.


Led Zeppelin III

The Immigrant Song is one of the best opening tracks in all of recorded history. Too bad that means it's all downhill. I appreciate the folksy experimenting on the album, but I skip a lot of the tracks after about thirty seconds. According to Wikipedia I am totally wrong.


Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

I was really entertained by this graphic novel. I guess it suffers from the problem that a lot of memoirs do, that it only follows the direction of life it self, which is pretty meandering. And the end is really abrupt and doesn't work so great. But I recommend it to anybody who likes things that are good.


Romeo And Juliet by William Shakespeare

This play is actually pretty funny until Mercutio gets killed (spoilers). Then it devolves into whining and dying. So I guess it's kind of enjoyable but then falls apart 3 or 4 acts in. Still, Shakespeare.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008


This movie has more action than any movie I've seen in a long time and possibly ever. On the other hand, it's morally repugnant. Rambo only saves white people now? Like there's a scene where these four Burmese women are basically being gang raped by soldiers intercut with the main white woman being leered at by one soldier. I thought "Rambo is going to fuck these guys up!," but then he instead just saves the white woman and we never see the other women ever again. On the first hand, major major ass kicking.


Illmatic by Nas

This is not as great as everybody says. His rhymes are really good, and I love the metaphors he comes up with, but his beats are totally lame. Sorry, pallie, that's most of it for me.


Frosted Flakes Gold

This cereal is pretty good I guess. Reminds me of Honey Nut Corn Flakes from my youth, one of my staples in the old country. I don't really know why the box is dressed up to make it look like an energy drink or something. Also, I think Tony the Tiger is probably gay.