Monday, April 29, 2019

Colony in Space

It was a bold idea to exile the Doctor to Earth, it could have easily ended the series. Instead, audiences embraced the changes and the show flourished. However, it wasn't long before Doctor Who's writers and producers realized that the Doctor's exile left them with a much smaller range of story lines to pick from. For what is the Doctor without the TARDIS? And so, for Jon Pertwee's eighth adventure we got the serial Colony in Space. It was the first serial from the Third Doctor era that felt like it could have easily slotted into the show's black and white years. In the story, the Time Lords covertly send the Doctor and Jo to a dusty little planet seemingly to help settle a dispute between some struggling colonists and an intergalactic mining concern. Around the half way point, the Master shows up, further complicating matters as he is wont to do. And then there's also the matter of the telepathic "primitives" and their doomsday weapon. Watching Colony in Space I was reminded of the Second Doctor serial The Space Pirates, except for the fact that Colony made for a much more entertaining story.

Rating: I'm every kind of scientist%