Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Mighty Peking Man

Most genre movies steal from their predecessors, which is why I forgive The Mighty Peking Man for aping so much of King Kong (see what I did there?). Made by the Shaw Brothers Studio to cash in on the late seventies King Kong remake, The Mighty Peking Man is a pretty standard low-budget "man in suit" style monster movie. Except for the addition of Samantha, the blonde jungle woman raised by the Peking Man after her family's plane crashes in the jungle. Samantha wears just enough animal skins to cover her naughty bits, except for the times she falls out of her homemade bikini while running (and there are a lot of scenes of her running). The Mighty Peking Man is entertaining if you don't take it seriously, at all.

Rating: 63%

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