Thursday, July 18, 2019

Day of the Daleks

Doctor Who's producers wanted to do something special for Jon Pertwee's third season. Initially, they planned on bringing the Daleks back at the end of the season in a big six part serial. And then, somewhere along the way, they just decided to cram the Daleks into the season's first serial instead. Much like the Master in the last season, the Daleks are the bad guys behind the bad guys this time around. The bulk of the story is about some time travelling guerrillas who are attempting to change the future by blowing up a politician. Once again it's up to the Doctor and his UNIT friends to stop the baddies and make sure the peace conference goes ahead. It sure seems like there were an awful lot of peace conferences going on in the 70s.

Rating: I remember saying to old Napoleon, Boney, I said...%