Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Sea Devils

The Third Doctor is often referred to as a "man of action" and The Sea Devils is the perfect showcase for this title. While battling the Sea Devils, an aquatic offshoot of the Silurians, the Doctor engages in fisticuffs, gets into a sword fight, throws himself on barbed wire and pilots several means of transportation. This serial also reintroduces the Master, seemingly under lock and key after the events of The Dæmons. The show's producers managed to get assistance from the Royal Navy, so many of the locations and vehicles used in the show (including a freakin' hovercraft) are authentic. And the script provides several opportunities for some perfectly British bureaucratic pissing contests.

Rating: Oh, you think so?%

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

The Curse of Peladon

For much of the Third Doctor's run, I've been praising the show for being original and innovative. The Curse of Peladon is proof that there's still some benefit to doing things the old fashioned way. Much like Colony in Space, The Curse of Peladon breaks free of the UNIT formula by allowing Jo and the Doctor to take a much needed break from their regular routine. The serial starts with the Doctor thinking he's repaired the TARDIS enough to take it on a test flight, only to find out that he and Jo have been deposited on the side of a mountain. After a dangerous climb, our heroes find themselves mixed up in some courtly intrigue. The Doctor quickly falls into his old habit of impersonating someone important and sets about protecting some intergalactic ambassadors, including his former enemies the Ice Warriors. Pertwee's Doctor fits into the story quite easily and this throwback adventure ends up being quite enjoyable.

Rating: Which way indeed%