Sunday, December 6, 2009

Finger Jug of Teacher's Whiskey

I was going to say that I don't drink Teacher's just because I'm a teacher, but that's not quite true.

RATING: 40% alcohol

(Image from, but it's the wrong size.)


Internet Robyn said...

Teacher's, Captain Morgan, Johnny Walker, Alexander Keith, Guinness, Gritstone... they are all friends of teachers.

I.J. said...

"Arguing what is more superior: man, woman, nature or whatever is really pointless because it is strictly an opinion. Science fiction just allows a reader and writer to think on a higher scale than is right here on earth. I have given many different examples on the flow of hierarchy and power, which do you think is more superior?"


"What does technology, other worldly beings, (such as inhuman beings and superior, evolved beings) and foreign worlds have in common? Stargate ad its many different, never ending but wonderful (most of them) different seasons. Of course I am just joking but to some extent yes because that is what Stargate is mostly about."


"The Essay"..."This story starts with the clicking sound of the clack."

Glenn said...

Why do woman reject man, though? Why?

Uncredited Law and Order SVU Biker Rapist #12 said...