Thursday, June 11, 2009

Santogold by Santigold

Oops, looks like I'm behind in the times again, but here's a pretty fun album that I'm sure everybody has already played to death since it came out a year ago. It's sometimes rocky and sometimes dancey, and if there's one thing I know about our readers at R3 is that they love to dance. Yeah, I like this album a lot, but I'm not so certain how much more can be milked out of alternadance, but then again I'm no Pitchfork Media so what do I know.



R Kelley tag said...

i dont know what this fucking thing is

R Kelley tag said...

alright i read the revew and i rather listen to foghatt

Internet John said...

Slow ride, take it easy - Slow ride, take it easy
Slow down, go down, got to get your lovin' one more time
Hold me, roll me, slow ridin' woman you're so fine

(Slow ride, easy, slow ride, sleazy - Slow ride, easy, slow ride, sleazy)

I've always wondered if he was actually saying "sleazy" there. I'm also curious why the last lines of the song are in parenthesis.

Fuck indie. Bunch of scarf wearing, chain smoking, bee throwing up motherfuckers.

laurie said...

I think I remember reading a review for this when it came out and decided to pass for some reason. I guess I shouldn't have passed, huh?