Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day Of The Dead

A Month Of Halloweenie Reviews #20

I've seen this movie countless times, and in many ways I love the weird synth music, the gory bits, and the desperation of the whole affair. But oh my Jesus if you want serious melodrama, look no further. I know, I know - it's a movie that takes places months after zombies have overrun the planet, of course there's going to be melodrama. But every single line is screamed in some totally phony accent, most of it about how awful humanity is. We get it, George, we get it. Still, "choke on 'em."


(Link is NSFW as you can probably imagine)


Belabras said...

Worth it for Bub the Zombie Genius.

Quammy said...

I haven't seen this one since I was in high school. I love Night and Dawn, but I never think to re-watch this one. Gonna have to get around to it again.

The Trick said...

I actually love this movie, but my biggest problem with it is the pacing. There's an incredibly slow (read: boring) section in the middle where almost nothing happens. But then the last 20 minutes are just fantastic and fun, so I usually feel well-rewarded by the end.

DCP said...

That's true. The end is terrific, and makes up for a lot of the boring middle stuff. I always get myself through the movie by remembering the insanity of the conclusion.