Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ultimate X-men Vol. 7: Blockbuster

At this point, Mark Millar left the book, Brian Michael Bendis took over, and the whole thing began a 60 issue spiral into being a complete directionless mess. Oh well, at least Bendis is capable of writing Ultimate Spider-man in a hilarious manner, and he guest stars here as some group is after Wolverine for some reason, who cares.



Internet John said...

I had a pen pal in 6th grade who said, "Wilverine is my favorite comic character." Then when we went to visit their class in Annapolis Royal or whatever the fuck, he had moved away, and I had to be in a group of 3 with Donnie Armstrong and his pen pal.

(That's actually a conflation of 2 different pen pal stories, neither of which could have stood on their own.)

Lazy half drunk going out John said...


La Ducha said...

Glenn, I like your reviews the most. They are always free of sex, sports and hate.

Anonymous said...

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