Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Entertainment! by Gang Of Four

Peanut butter and chocolate, lemon and lime, punk rock and badly misinformed Marxist arguments - history is just full of great combos like these, and while only two of them can (so far, science?) be eaten, at least the third makes for a pretty decent album to blast from the speakers of my Honda Accord LX with leather interior as I'm driving through the poor parts of town. Solidarity my friends! After slogging away with the other proles for 10 hours today at work I don't feel like creating an analogy to describe Gang Of Four's sound that at first would seem hilarious and witty but on second read would turn out to make no sense whatsoever for describing any type of music, but here's some links, so maybe you can crack open some PBR to listen for a second. I also just relistened to Franz Ferdinand's first album and that one is fun, but not fun enough that I feel like writing about it (and I barely wrote about this album if that tells you something).




loco said...

In lieu of a PBR, I'll be drinking a $6 can of Lone Star. Ironically, of course.

Timmaaay!!! said...

Glenn, was it you who once described Pabst Blue Ribbon as tasting "like somebody else's bad breath"? That's got to be my favorite description I've ever heard of a beer.

Internet John said...

My lit theory prof is Chinese, and he said that the joke in China at the time was that the original Gang of Four was actually a gang of 5, with Mao as the 5th member.

I imagine it's funnier in the original Chinese.