Saturday, May 23, 2009

Led Zeppelin IV

Speaking of the nerdiest rock album of all time, here it is. Sure, it has rock classics such as Black Dog, Rock And Roll, and Stairway To Heaven, but it also has a song about Lord Of The Rings. I'm not sure why Led Zeppelin continued to write rock songs after they created every necessary classic rock riff for Led Zeppelin II, but I guess it's worth it to hear the supposedly coolest people of the 70s sing about Mordor and Gollum.



laurie said...

The nerd factor is part of why I love this album. Why must you always rain on my parade, Glenn?

Belabras said...

That's a pretty low rating for one of the best rock albums of all time. I'm just saying.

Timmaaay!!! said...

Hmmm, yep! The Fourth Album is about 15% better than a nice barfing session. =P

I suppose I understand why people hail this album as a classic. I went through a brief time around grade 7 when I thought this was about as good as music got (my older brother gave me a dubbed cassette copy), but I found myself falling out of love with it once I'd listened to it too much. That, and I discovered some other bands that did more for me than Led Zeppelin.

"Battle of Evermore" is a pretty cool song, nerdy as it is. I always liked "Going to California", too. "Stairway to Heaven", "Black Dog", and "Rock and Roll" are way too overplayed.

"No 'Stairway'!? Denied!"