Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Burning

The Burning is a sleazy little slasher movie from 1981 that has the distinction of being one of the first movies ever made by the Weinstein brothers. The story involves a bunch of camp counselors and horny teens being stalked and killed by a deranged former camp caretaker who had been horribly burned years earlier in a prank gone awry. The Burning's big draw, more than anything, has to be Tom Savini's practical makeup effects. Having recently done the effects for such horror classics as Dawn of the Dead, Maniac and the original Friday the 13th, Savini was at the top of his game. The Burning is also notable for starring a young, though already balding, Jason Alexander.

Rating: 77%

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Glenn said...

I'm a pretty big Tom Savini fan, and I've never seen this one. Have to check it out some month when I'm not trying to watch 16 other horror movies.

Quammy said...

@ Glenn

If you haven't already seen it, another good one to check out for Savini's work is The Prowler. It's another slasher made around the same time. It's a little bit more mean spirited than The Burning or any of the Friday the 13th flicks, but it's got some cool Savini effects in it.