Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Bloody Valentine

My Bloody Valentine is a slasher movie from 1981, filmed in Sydney Mines, Cape Breton. Like many of the early slasher films, My Bloody Valentine centers around an event linked to a holiday. In this case it's a mining accident on the night of the big Valentine's Day dance. Harry Warden, the miner/psychopath involved in the accident, swears vengeance on the town of Valentine Bluffs (no, that's seriously what the town in the movie is called) so long as they continue to hold the dance. The town bans the dance and a number of years pass before the local horny youths (they look too old to be horny teens) decide to bring back the Valentine's Day celebrations. Then, wouldn't you know it, people start dying.

Rating: 77%

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I.J. said...

I had no idea it was shot in Sidney Mines. I was born in Sydney. It's in a three way tie with Dartmouth and Spring Hill for the worst place in Nova Scotia.

Internet Robyn said...

Don't forget Truro and New Minas.

Internet John said...

No way. One has to draw a distinction between the average shit holes (New Minas, Truro, Amherst, Kentville) and violent shit holes full of unemployed drug addicts.

When was the last time fast food workers were murdered execution-style in New Minas?