Wednesday, May 7, 2008


#98 on Glenn's Top 100 Movie List

I guess I can't explain this one except that in my mind it is way better than Casablanca and Dracula. Both no shows on my list. Really, there isn't a horror movie that is more fun to watch than Creepshow. Plus, Leslie Neilson in a dramatic (sort of) role. And Stephen King in a starring role. Ok, maybe that's not a selling point. But he does get covered in moss.


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Jacqui said...

Yeah, watching Stephen King turn into a grass man really freaked me out when I was kid. Yet, even through that trauma, I still like this movie. It is definitely better than Cat's Eye or Nightmares.

PS--For what it's worth, I was still reading your blogs on myspace. I guess I shouldn't really be talking, though. I'm going to move my blog off myspace soon as well. Anyway, can't wait to finally see what makes number one.