Sunday, October 19, 2014

Saw V

So Saw IV was, as mentioned, needlessly comprised of flashbacks to Saws I-III explaining details none of us ever wondered about. Surely they must be done flashing back to the previous movies, right? Wrong! On the one hand I must give the series a modicum of credit for trying to break out of the traditional horror structure of more movies=more kills and that's all, but really, do any of us care about more than the elaborate deaths? I must also point out that these movies take place over the course of like a month, which must really terrify that city. "A 51st victim of a weird Rube Goldberg deathtrap was discovered today, careful out there everybody!" The plot here is a cop is trying to stop some people from dying (for the fifth time) but maybe he's the one being tested, let's find out (of course he is).


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