Thursday, October 23, 2014

Saw 3D

A better title for this movie would be "Saw VII," but they wanted to cash in on the 3D craze of the late oughties (which totally doesn't already look dated four years later). Hey, filmmakers, if your part 3 isn't going to be in 3D then ya missed the boat! This movie is, of course, terrible, but there are two good things going for it: 1) a torture device scene that happens in broad daylight in front of hundreds of witnesses, which gives the film a different palate than the normal "warehouse green" it seems to love, and B) a kinda unique plot in which a nonfiction author rose to fame by faking that he was a survivor of Jigsaw and now Jigsaw catches him and puts him through some traps or whatever. Now that I'm done with these movies I don't think I can recommend them to anybody per se, but I'm sure academics will write/have already written papers on the trend of 2000s horror focusing extreme pain, suffering, etc, when America as a country was committing acts of torture so publicly. Finally, look at the poster there - a gigantic robot Jigsaw killer would have been so much better than anything that happens in this movie but oh well!


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Glenn said...

Ok, I know that my review is done but I also wanted to say that the Saw franchise is interesting because each sequel is essentially a bare bones plot in which the holes are filled by bizarre attempts to fill the plot holes of every Saw movie that came before it. Of course doing so creates a whole bunch of new plot holes to be filled in each subsequent sequel. But when they reveal the explanations for these plotholes they are treated by the movie as "twists," as though they always knew how they were going to fill them, which is total bullshit. It's the perpetual motion machine of horrible filmmaking.