Monday, October 13, 2014

Saw II

So obviously you gotta amp up the gore and crazy in any sequel, so here we've got a whole group of (really irritating) people with no connection (OR IS THERE?) who must escape a whole house of traps and whathaveyou. There's a needle pit, a furnace hole, and a neurotoxic gas that will make all the victims bleed like crazy! I wonder where this Jigsaw Killer gets his money for all this stuff, anyway? These movies could be better if they didn't presume their audience was full of idiots - whenever the characters figure out a clue they have to show a flashback where the clue was read aloud as though we can't rermember back thirty minutes our own damn selves.


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Quammy said...

I seem to recall the whole series being big on flashbacks. Not to spoil anything but they really ramp that aspect up as they "develop" the overall mythology of Jigsaw.

Also, get ready for more Donnie Wahlberg.