Thursday, October 2, 2014

Children of the Corn

If I had reviewed Children of the Corn after seeing it years earlier, I would have said that the movie was boring. Now, having it seen again, I'm willing to say that the movie is slow and uneven. It's 90% killer kid cult action and 10% cheap special effects trying to imply supernatural forces. Also, since most of the cast is made up of child actors, there really isn't much violence. Except for when it comes to the ginger kid, who gets his ass kicked by the adult male lead. There are some great shots in the movie that reminded me of Night of the Living Dead, seeing killer farm kids emerge from the corn fields makes for a great image. Overall, the film has a solid premise that gets shortchanged by the under-cooked supernatural elements and lame special effects.

Rating: 58%

Fun Fact: Robby Kiger, who played Job, would later play Patrick in The Monster Squad.

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