Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth

Whelp, things really went downhill fast. In this movie, released in 1992 as evidenced by the "dangerous youth" dressed in jean jackets, a "goth" club owner (but all they play is Motorhead???) gets the puzzle box and then Pinhead comes out oh no! Now he is more of a Freddy Kreuger comedy type mass murderer saying jokes when he kills people and also turning a DJ into a Cenobite that shoots CDs into people's faces. Cop cars explode on ill-lit city streets with all the cinematic quality of a Darkman sequel, and I can't believe I've committed to watching six more of these shits.


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Quammy said...

I did a marathon of Hellraiser movies when I was in high school and it was not enjoyable. At the time there were only four films in the series so I really don't envy you considering there are 9 now. I've committed to watching all the Ghoulies movies but luckily for me there are only 4 of those (Look for my review of part III soon).