Friday, October 18, 2013

Hellraiser: Inferno

This is the fifth installment in the ever-worsening Hellraiser series, so you know what that means: I have less than half to go! In this movie, a corrupt detective who likes prostitutes or what-have-you tries to track down some missing child after he finds and opens the Lament Configuration. I fell asleep during the movie's climax to be honest, but at least Pinhead's not bent on world domination anymore, just pain and suffering (but not pleasure anymore? booo). Anyway, one interesting fact is that this is the first of the Hellraiser movies to go straight-to-video, which means that Hellraiser IV was released in the theaters for actual human beings to sit in and supposedly enjoy if you can believe it. I know I can't!



Quammy said...

Well, you made it further through this series than I ever did good (?) for you, sir.

Quammy said...

Also, has it not occurred to us that we could be watching good horror movies this month?

Glenn said...

I was hoping I'd find some gems in the nine (9) Hellraiser movies and there really aren't any. Next year I'll watch good horror movies, I swear!