Monday, October 17, 2011


The number of missing person cases is on the rise in New York, but no one wants to talk about it just so long as it's mostly the homeless people living in the sewers and abandoned tunnels under the city. But after his wife goes missing, Captain Bosch is having a hard time keeping all the missing person reports under wraps. Despite pressure from his superiors and the secretive jerkwads from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Bosch teams up with a photographer and the freaky guy who runs the local homeless shelter. Their mission: discover what happened to all those missing people and find out just what exactly C.H.U.D. stands for. Keep your eyes peeled for a young John Goodman as a cop in a diner.

Rating: Daniel Stern's Crazy Hair%

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Glenn said...

This movie's pretty funny. It's also got Daniel Stern if I'm not mistaken.

Sorry for missing a day.

Quammy said...

C.H.U.D.'s got Daniel Stern and John Heard, both of Home Alone fame. Apparently Jon Polito is in the movie too as a newscaster.

And I wouldn't worry about missing a day Glenn, October is still on its way to being R3's biggest month of 2011.