Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Space Museum

The Space Museum is a bit of a letdown. It's not bad, it's not good, it's just alright. Which is a shame because the first part of the serial is easily one of the best single episodes of Doctor Who that I've seen so far. After a strong start, the remaining installments play out like lackluster retreads of countless previous episodes. There's even a Dalek cameo at one point, which gives our main characters a chance to reminisce about some of their previous (and more popular) adventures. Things work out great for Vicki here though, she not only gets to show off her intellect but she plays a pivotal role in the story. Susan rarely got to be such an active player when she was part of the Doctor's entourage. The serial ends by teasing that the Daleks will once again be facing our heroes, which only reinforces the feeling that The Space Museum is pretty inconsequential.

Rating: I must confess I didn't enjoy the refrigeration%


DCP said...

I actually have started to watch Doctor Who from the start (I'm only on the second serial though). The first couple have been kind of a slog to get through though.

Quammy said...

It's taken me about three years to watch the first fifteen serials. The earliest stuff should probably be approached as casually as possible. I couldn't imagine trying to power through the series in a hurry.