Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chocolate Easter Bunnies with Rice Krispies

Easter is coming a little later than usual this year, but Easter candy is already out in full effect. One of my personal favorites are the chocolate Easter bunnies that come with the crispy rice mixed in. They're not made with Rice Krispies officially sanctioned by Kellogg's, but that hardly makes any difference. It's not like, when you see one on a shelf, you say, "Oh, look at that. It's a chocolate Easter bunny made with crispy rice." Chances are you'd say, "Hell yeah, dawg. It's a chocolate bunny with some Rice Krispies all up in it."

Rating: 70%

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Monday, March 28, 2011

She-Hulk's Sexual Attractiveness

She sports a superiorly toned body complete with a flawless pair of chichis. Her long hair sweeps around her gorgeous face. Definitely pretty enough to look past green skin.

But really I think what may turn a lot of fellas off is sheer intimidation as she could hurl you through a wall and is so smart and successful and probably not the type of lady to let a little flirting with your co-workers slide.

Rating: 77%

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SYR4: Goodbye 20th Century

This album in Sonic Youth's experimental series has the Youth covering the work of avant garde composers. In short - you probably don't want to buy this album. I think it's great, but there's nothing on here you can listen to for "fun" - it's all very serious stuff. I mean, John Cage and Yoko Ono serious. Come visit sometime and I'll play it when I want you to leave.


Monday, March 21, 2011


As cliché as it may sound, Paul is a movie made for geeks, by geeks, about geeks. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost play two British sci-fi enthusiasts traveling across America in an RV who encounter an extra-terrestrial name Paul. The movie's got car chases, explosions, references to classic (and not so classic) sci-fi films, and a subplot that seems to exist only to make jokes at the expense of fundamentalist Christians. While Paul might not be as good as Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz (Pegg and Frost's two prior cinematic pairings), it works along similar lines, mining laughs from pop culture's past and finding a satisfying center in a story based around friendship. And jokes about three-breasted women, can't forget about those.

Rating: 79%

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Katt Williams

Closest successor to Richard Pryor we’ll ever have. Touches on social issues with a deft touch, has uncanny timing and is goofy looking to boot.

Apologies to Patton Oswalt and Chris Rock, but Mr. Williams is the best comic working.
Rating: 98%

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cedar Rapids

Sheltered insurance agent Tim Lippe (Ed Helms) gets sent to the big city (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) to represent his company at the big (regional) insurance convention, heart warming amusement ensues. Cedar Rapids is funny, but in a post-Judd Apatow manchild coming out of his shell kind of way. Ed Helms, in a rare lead role, carries the film, but he's backed by an excellent supporting cast. With stand out performances from John C. Reilly, Alia Shawkat, and Anne Heche (no, really). Considering the improv background of many of the cast, I'm willing to bet that the home video release of Cedar Rapids will either contain an extended cut of the film or a bevy of outtakes and alternate scenes.

Rating: 74%

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The Canadian adored sport has the low scoring of futbol, the concussionivity of football and all the white people you could ever want. Hard to keep with the puck sometimes. No dunks.

Rating: 40%

Friday, March 11, 2011

Boom by The Sonics

The Sonics' second album, Boom, might not have quite as many barn burning classics as their debut, but even a "lesser" Sonics record is still an epic document of amped up 60s garage rock. I have no idea how popular The Sonics might have been during their heyday but the influence their music, along with the music of bands like The Velvet Underground and The Stooges, has had over punk and rock bands in the last 40+ years is considerable. Highlights from Boom include "He's Waitin'," a kind of freaky morality tale, and "Hitch Hike," a sort of companion to their more well-known "Have Love, Will Travel." The band even does a take on the immortal "Louie, Louie," though their version sounds more like "Rock You Like a Hurricane" than The Kingsmen.

Rating: 83%

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Waiting for "Superman"

Waiting for "Superman" is an Oscar nominated documentary about public education in America. Though I can't vouch for how accurate it might be, having never gone to school in the US, it is a well-made documentary. The use of twinkly piano music and images of disappointed children will probably make you feel bad, but Waiting for "Superman" doesn't seem to be going for an all-out weep-a-thon. While some might argue that the documentary is biased towards charter schools, it's likely that most will agree that there is room for improvement in public education. Also, children are, like, our future and stuff, or something.

Rating: 73%

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Monday, March 7, 2011

John Cena

No one gets a crowd of ten year old boys more amped up, but truth is, he sucks. If you thought Hulk Hogan had a limited set of moves, wait till you see this Marky Markesque beast of a man lumber through a shoulder tackle for the eighteenth time in a match. I guess I can’t take a wrestler “seriously” unless he is wearing nut-hugging spandex. Loved his Gillette commercials though, gotta give him that.

Rating: 36%

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ring by Glasser

One thing I like in songs is when all of a sudden in the middle of a regular old song BAM it's a robot voice. In that regard, this album does not disappoint. Also, in every other regard it does not disappoint either. It's more dance music, but I don't feel too old to listen to it this time because it sounds really dire, or maybe my stereo was turned up really loud. Either way, it definitely works. Also check out their blog - she seems lonely.


Friday, March 4, 2011

Paying For Plastic Shopping Bags

Once upon a time stores used paper bags and that was fine. Then, after awhile, they switched to plastic bags and that was fine. Now some stores are charging their customers 5¢ per bag for plastic shopping bags and I'm not cool with that. If the 5¢ fee is supposed to offset the environmental cost of the plastic bags, why not go back to paper bags or make bio-degradable bags? Here's an idea: if your company/store thinks that plastic shopping bags are so bad, stop fucking using them. Don't nickel and dime your customers to death because you're not willing to find an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bags.

Rating: 0.05%

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