Sunday, May 17, 2009


This is a popular show on Showtime about a suburban widow MILF, her weed dealing business (zero to grow house in one season, then back to zero the next), her enemies, her juvenile delinquent kids, her adult delinquent brother-in-law, her DEA agent "husband," her business partner and star-crossed-something Conrad, his no-nonsense aunt in the ghetto, Armenians, eleven year old lesbians, promiscuous hearing-impaired teens getting pregnant, hot Israeli pegging, blackmailing maids, the PTA, and Elizabeth Perkins and Kevin Nealon. Perkins is the best bitch ever. Nealon is far funnier than he ever was on SNL, which is an easy accomplishment. Be warned-- characters who seem important and get ample screen time for one episode disappear and never resurface. Snoop Dogg guest stars.

Rating: *Cough*Cough*Shiiiiiiiiiit% (91%)

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laurie said...

Oddly, I still have 0% desire to see this show.

Chris said...

I watched Season 1 and thought it was good, but for whatever reason my interest quickly subsided.

It's a smart show, but I don't think it clearly defines the terms of the reality it presents. The characters and events (see plane crashing into house) are a little too surreal.

But it's certainly possible I'm missing something.

Timmaaay!!! said...

Speaking of Showtime shows, did anybody watch The United States of Tara? Not bad once it got going, but it suffered from a wicked case of Diablo-Cody-itis toward the beginning. Like Juno, it tried to cram as many catchphrases into each line as it possibly could. Then the show got a proper writing staff and they cut a lot of that shit out.

Weeds is on my Netflix. I've heard good things, even before this review (which I enjoyed).

Evan J. Peterson said...

Thanks, Timmaaay.

Lazy burnt John said...

My wife likes Weeds. I find it a bit glib, but it's funny enough that I'll watch it if it's on.